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Visitors are welcome.

Decide on your design and bring the items you need, see below:

Topiary Eggs, Trees, Cracked Egg, Flying Cup:

  • A pot with dry oasis inserted slightly higher than the pot.
  • A stick & Oasis ball on top or roughly cut a block into a circle.
  • Bring greenery, eggs, ribbons, cocktail sticks and flowers.
  • Floral Fixing Tack or glue gun
  • Cup & Saucer, fork or wire
  • Large cracked 
Annual General Meeting  on Tuesday 24th January 2023
Held at Saltford Golf Club, started with a meal at 12:30 followed by a Silent Auction and Five Flowers Competition with the AGM at 2pm. Please see the Minutes for reference.
Winning design Ann Jewel

October Wreath Workshop

The afternoon was really productive with lots of members & visitors making excellent wreaths. Ann & Val gave a quick demonstration on what to do and everyone was given a moss covered ring to work with. Plenty of foliage was available to decorate our rings and there were fir cones, berries and ribbons for adding decorations.
What a variety of wreaths!
Members’ Day Tea 
A wonderful tea was provided by Christine & Julie. It was lovely to chat to members in the relaxed setting of Christine’s garden which was so pretty.

Our June demonstration was by Caroline Cooper entitled ‘The Language of Flowers’. Beautiful arrangements and a very interesting afternoon.

Our Practice on Tuesday 24th May making roses and small table arrangements in jam jars.

Some members of Saltford & Keynsham Flower Club went to Salisbury Cathedral to see the Celebration: A Festival of Flowers.

What amazing arrangements- this  rainbow arch represents the contribution of keyworkers and volunteers to their communities during the pandemic.

To commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee  a replica of the Queen’s Coronation robe made from purple pampas grass, gilded dried foliage and ferns was displayed before the High Alter. 

Tuesday 26th Aprl 14:00- Demonstration with Leslie Hunt  ‘Beside the Seaside’.

What a treat, we had an uplifting and interesting demonstration, tempting us with better weather to stroll along the beach and collect things for our arrangements. It was very enjoyable, please see the Pictures page.


Don’t forget to sign up for our  outing on Tuesday 26th July to The American Museum and Members’ Day Tea on Tuesday 23rd August which will be held in Christine Pidcock’s garden.

National Flower Arranging Day is on Friday 6th May, the idea is to promote our club and it would be great if you could do a few small arrangements and leave them somewhere for people to take home. Christine is going to put an arrangement in Keynsham Library to advertise our club.

Our May practice session on Tuesday 24th we will be making Ribbon stars, Roses & Jubilee Flowers.

On Saturday July 2nd we will have a table at the Affiliated Clubs’ Morning in Saltford Hall please let Janet know if you can help for a few hours.

March 22nd  – Practice Meeting It’s All about the Vase.

Members brought their favourite vase and we did a variety of arrangements using different mechanics. 

Annual General Meeting

We held our AGM at Saltford Golf Club preceded by a very good lunch. Please read the minutes for details.The Flower Arrangement competition ‘Winterwonder Land’ was won by Bunty Collett and runner up was Sue Heath. See the photos on our Pictures page.